Jun 29, 2019


June 2019

“An organism tends to act upon the world in a mediated way. It actively converts (sensory) data into information and then constructively processes this information to manage its interactions with the world. (…) In humans, it evolves the unique capacity to gather, store, and retrieve, exchange, integrate, and update, use and indeed misuse semantic information acquired by other people, including past generations.” Luciano Floridi, 2010. Information: a very short introduction. Oxford University Press.

Jun 26, 2019


This plant (agapanthus) is producing flowers with more than the habitual 6 petals. In the photo you can see a flower with 10 petals. Other flowers with 8 and the usual 6.

Jun 19, 2019


"Without me having to lift a finger, or calling for help, I know that the images belong to me, the owner of the body within which that mind is being fabricated, as I write, the owner of the living organism that I inhabit." Antonio Damasio, 2019. The strange order of things. Vintage Books Edition.

Jun 13, 2019

Lightning speed

"(...) when workers in dirty sectors are offered good jobs in clean sectors (...), and are enlisted as active participants in a green transition, then progress can happen at lightning speed." Naomi Klein, 2015. This Changes Everything. Penguin books.