Jun 25, 2007

Context of Work

Kirsh, D. (2001). The Context of Work. Human Computer Interaction, vol. 16, pp. 305-322 [versão html / falta arranjar versão pdf c/ numeração de páginas]:
"I have been describing the context of work as a highly structured amalgam of informational, physical, and conceptual resources that go beyond the simple facts of who or what is where, when. Some of these resources are shared knowledge between participants, others have to do with the structure of the tasks a user is involved in and the different ways he or she has of coordinating the use of physical, informational and conceptual resources between himself, the work setting, and teammates."

"First, we must understand the factors which bias how people react to rich information spaces, loaded with entry points to more information. Second, we must unravel the complexities of the activity landscapes we interactively construct out of the resources we find and the tasks we have to perform. Finally, we must chart the diverse ways people coordinate their activity with their environment and with others."

Jun 18, 2007

mobile worker

Perry, M., O'hara, K., Sellen, A., Brown, B., and Harper, R. (2001). Dealing with mobility: understanding access anytime, anywhere. ACM Trans. Comput.-Hum. Interact. 8(4), pp. 323-347:
"The rapid and accelerating move towards use of mobile technologies has increasingly provided people and organizations with the ability to work away from the office and on the move. The new ways of working afforded by these technologies are often characterized in terms of access to information and people anytime, anywhere. This article presents a study of mobile workers that highlights different facets of access to remote people and information, and different facets of anytime, anywhere. Four key factors in mobile work are identified: the role of planning, working in "dead time," accessing remote technological and informational resources, and monitoring the activities of remote colleagues. By reflecting on these issues, we can better understand the role of technology and artifacts in mobile work and identify the opportunities for the development of appropriate technological solutions to support mobile workers." [my bold]
They also talk about facets... connect with entry on facets.