Jan 28, 2007

i3 Conference - Information: Interactions and Impact

i3 Conference - Information: Interactions and Impact
"i3 is an attempt to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in exploring such interconnections between information behaviour, information literacy and impact of information. The conference will provide a forum for exchange of research findings and an opportunity to identify key questions and issues for future research. It should be relevant to those involved in researching, developing or delivering information and knowledge services in any sector as well as those concerned with the development of skills for a knowledge society."

things can never be the same

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.

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Jan 20, 2007

Aura project

Papers talking or referencing Aura Project in UMinho:

Jan 6, 2007

Mobile Work survey

The Mobile Working Experience: Perspectives from Europe (2005) from IBM Business Consulting Services [a podcast from February 2006, is also available here]:
"The subject of mobile working has been studied by a number of academics and trade associations over the last few years. As the prevalence of individuals spending the majority of their work time in their homes or other non-office locations continues to rise, companies are becoming increasingly interested in the issues and effective practices associated with making these arrangements successful. While a significant amount of research has been done regarding the numbers of individuals who work remotely, the productivity savings associated with reductions in commuting time, office space, etc., only a small body of research has addressed the challenges facing individuals who work in mobile locations. These include issues around social isolation, technical support, performance management, career development, team effectiveness, employee retention, and work-life balance. This study, done in cooperation with the Economist Information Unit, surveyed over 350 mobile workers from 29 countries across Europe to better understand their perspectives and experiences."

Jan 3, 2007

information moves

Maglio, P.P., & Matlock, T. (1999). The conceptual structure of information space. In Munro, A., Benyon, D., & Hook, K. (Eds.), Social navigation of information space (pp.155-173). Springer Verlag:
"(...) people see themselves as metaphorically moving toward information, rather than information as moving toward them.", p. 156