Mar 20, 2018

A new cycle

It starts now (a)

"We are back to family, to the life cycle, to human fragility and experience (...) above all, the virtues of appreciating relationships with all their attendant conflict, ambivalence, and meaning." (Sherry Turkle,  2005. The Second Self: computers and the human spirit. MIT, Twenty Anniversary Edition, 298)  

Mar 17, 2018

living frame


Doing what I know
the best I can
with what I have
wherever I am.

Mar 14, 2018


March in the garden

Edible forest: fire prevention, energy production (biomass), carbon storage, growth of local resources (less energy/fuel consumption for transportation of outside resources, conditions to attract workers/residents), earth conservation (reflorestation, soil conservation, increased species, better air quality), carbon negative, odorific, beautiful...

Mar 12, 2018

creative assemblages

March in the garden

"More than conversation at the interface, it is creative assemblages like these that explore and elaborate the particular dynamic capacities that digital media afford and the ways that through them humans and machines can perform interesting new effects (...) in uniquely particular ways." (Lucy Suchman, Human-machine reconfigurations: plans and situated actions, 2009, 281)