Jun 11, 2013

information overload ca. 1550-1700

Blair, Ann (2003). Reading Strategies for Coping with Information Overload ca. 1550-1700Journal of the History of Ideas, vol. ?(?), pp. 11-28:
"The perception of an overabundance of books led to more books being used in a great variety ways. Alongside the well-established methods of thorough reading and note-taking, which engaged the personal judgment and effort of the reader, early modern scholars also relied on shortcuts to “process” books so as to retrieve items of use with less investment of time and self. (...) The proliferation of inventive methods of and aids to study, whether unique to individuals or spread more widely through official or unofficial teaching, can help us understand better not only the conditions of production of early modern scholarly and pedagogical works, but also the deep roots of the ways in which we, too, cope with what we now call information overload."