Feb 23, 2009


... with artefacts that carry a lot of embedded tools and information within them.

Not so long ago (15 years), a PC would carry mainly a set of very restrictive production tools. Today we have a plethora of installed tools (and gadgets) available in our computers, and an open door (internet access) of millions of other available for us to play with and/or install.

How does this affect PIM? How distracted are we? Does this explain, for example, the difficulties of reading an entire PDF on the computer without interrupting to:
  • open another pdf
  • find papers from the same author
  • search database for (new concept found, .... ) before finishing the reading
  • ... constant switching between reading pdf and other (available/competing)  information
Are there gender differences in how these distractions affect PIM efforts? Do they have any relation to multitasking?

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