Mar 1, 2007

loss of data attached to information

Karasti, H & Baker, K. (2004). Infrastructuring for the Long-Term: Ecological Information Management. Proceedings of the 37th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, s/p:
"The need for data stewardship is motivated by an awareness of an ongoing loss in informational content for data that results in the loss of usefulness of data over the long-term. This is captured in an oftenreferenced graph portraying ‘information entropy’ (Figure 1) that refers to the loss of information about the data collected to address a particular scientific question by a particular individual researcher subject both to ‘retirement’ and to ‘death’. The extended temporal dimension of preserving data for decades to centuries poses challenges for the design of metadata and long-term memory, of largescale databases and archives, and of technologies that support distributed collaboration." (p. 2)

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