Apr 27, 2007

framework for information overload research in organizations

A review of the last 30 years on information overload, concept and framaework in organizational context - Eppler, Martin J., Mengis, Jeanne (2005), A framework for information overload research in organizations:
"Based on literature from the domains of organization science, marketing, accounting, and management information systems, this review article examines the theoretical basis of the information overload discourse and presents an overview of the main definitions, situations, causes, effects, and countermeasures. It analyses the contributions from the last thirty years to consolidate the existing research in a conceptual framework, to identify future research directions, and to highlight implications for management."

Apr 15, 2007

National Centre for e-Social Science (NCeSS)

Many useful resources in the The National Centre for e-Social Science (NCeSS). Among many worth of exploration, i found one for the design of my research. It deals with the need of ethnographic studies to understand complex interactions among social and technical relations in ubiquitous and mobile contexts of way-of-life:

Apr 13, 2007

Usefull tool

Mojiti, different from YouTube and others, because it allows direct manipulation of the objects (adding content to videos and still being able to display them online, with the new added user data). Also, it can fetch videos stored in Youtube and others which is a great example of interoperability:
"(...) personalize any video. Use Mojiti Spots to narrate your personal videos, add captions or subtitles in any language, or just comment on any scene to share your thoughts and opinions."

Apr 12, 2007

Control & Space

Zierhofer, W. (2005). State, power and space. Soc. Geogr., vol 1(1), pp. 29-36:
"No other institution eases global contacts and mobility of persons, goods, information and services as much as the state by guaranteeing standards for systems of representation. It is thus above all that the state creates spaces for certain purposes – only one of which is to let social life take place in a physical space in order to control it." (p.35)