Jun 10, 2006

[event] Open Knowledge, Free Society

«Open Knowledge, Free Society», 3rd ONLINE Conference - CyberSociety Observatory:

"The thematic direction of the congress was elaborated by the Scientific Committee throughout the last months. Under the title Open Knowledge, Free Society and with an editorial line of referent, the cyber-social will be situated again in the point of analysis. Undoubtedly this intends to continue the way initiated with the two previous congresses, wondering what is and how the society of knowledge is being built (or will be built). Thus, in November, we will advance another step in this progression and up date ourselves with the movements and most current unrests of cyber-society, wondering which is its nature and reflecting around the present and future of knowledge in this Era of Information. Is a free or open knowledge possible? Which are the bases of these approaches, which are their goals and which could be their consequences?"

The call for Working Groups in spanish, portuguese, and english, is open until the 30 of June. The Congress will take place online, during 2 weeks of November. Multidisciplinary teams are welcomed :-)