May 30, 2006

[events] UMICS 2006

Rationale and aims of UMICS 2006 (Ubiquitous Mobile Information and Collaboration Systems), CAiSE'06 Workshop, June 5-6 2006, Luxembourg:

"Over the last years most business processes changed on various dimensions (e.g. flexibility, interconnectivity, coordination style, autonomy) [...] Frequently, information is relocated within this geographically distributed system [...] This creates a need for a software infrastructure that enables ubiquitous mobile and collaboration systems (UMICS).

Technologies such as WiFi networks and 3rd generation mobile phones, are offering the infrastructure to conceive information systems as ubiquitous information systems, that is, systems that are accessible from anywhere, at any time, and with any device. Ubiquity mainly is a means to support new business models and encourage new ways of work.[...]

Moreover people need to move across organizational boundaries and collaborate with others within the organization as well as between organizations. [...] Therefore, some issues also arise about how to enable users to retain their ability to cooperate while displaced in a different point of the enterprise, the role of context and location in determining cooperation, the support for ad-hoc cooperation in situations where the fixed network infrastructure is absent or cannot be used.

The approaches and technologies for supporting these new ways of work are still the subject of research.[...]"

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