Oct 25, 2011


While watching the video shared by a friend, which shows motion trough stillness [timelapse using pixelization], recalled the work of Kakihara's, and his conceptualization of mobility...

Back to writing, thinking on the duality of the mobility concept [fluidity needs stability, Pica & Kakihara (2003)], and going trough the visual timelines of information collected from participants since 2007. Building an argument for showing the relation between transitions and the dance of artefacts used by the actors for articulation work [Star], in situated actions [Suchman] across time, and persistent myths/asumptions about the information society. Unfolding layers of slow methods [methods assemblage / ethnography of infrastructure] across time [images/descriptions/fieldnotes/reflexivity], and confronting with accessible and available encountered research work... and all things that come to me and that are dificult to ignore [serendipity, Merton & Barber].

[Note to self: discuss interoperability and information mobility; connecting layers of IS, IT, ICT, artefacts' use and the social life of information]

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