Jan 21, 2011

Have you seen it? the truth.

We have become more aware of the power exercised on us, on the atrocities committed by the ones that are elected/enforced to represent us, and yet we are powerless to stop bad decisions. Sure we can move information around but can we undo what as been done? Can we reach a state of information openness that avoids inequalities/atrocities/wars... of power being exerted upon us?

Are we really able to handle all the information and come to a collective truth? If each one of us had the time and the knowledge to understand all the information would we be able to reach a «good» decision, for all of us? Will we keep delegating the decisions to the people chosen by some to run our lives, our resources, our freedoms? What will open truths do for the living conditions of all? Do we not know by now that an equal distribution is a condition operated/manufactured in our labs? Isn't truth like tic-tac-toe? Aren't truths serving power, religion and science? What can each one of us do with so many truths? Can we restore order? Can we put them all to jail? Can we make them undo the lives they took? Can we choose others that will not become «infected» with power?

Strange/dangerous times we are living when there is so much information, that we have to choose/trust the information we'll use among the growing fragment/information...

Can we turn all this information into food, shelters, health? Our do we want this information to reinforce what we know by know? Yes, the moment we all had access to dissemination networked tools we all could became Julian Assange. But can we all be like Julian Assange? Who is Julian Assange?

Are we ready to interpret the information in Wikileaks? Are we having the time to read all the information to reach out for the «truth(s)» (do we want the «truth's»)? Which new players will use this information for their benefit? When we do not know enough about a person where do we go to form our opinion(s)?... talk about trust in a fragmented, over abundant information world, where nothing lasts what it should to help us reach an informed opinion... cause we are not allowed the time it takes to gather/confront/reflect upon to information torrent...

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