May 17, 2010

Today tertúlia...

... Armazém F, with António Câmara. I'll be there because of sixth sense, because of Ydreams, because it's organized by APDSI, and because it's food for though ;)


  1. Sixth sense was only the appetizer ;) The food for though came in the person of António Câmara and from the people that where sited at the table. Selling innovation (R&D) Hollywood style was the bottom line of why is not enough to have great concepts... and it doesn't matter if you have a great research team, and a great product (or concept). One needs a great «producer» to sell it worldwide. Ambition and capital, also :)
    The space was great for the tertúlia but i guess most of the people that went there didn't figured out that the idea was being part of the event and they just stood there like they where mere spectators. That was a pity. With the exception of the people at our table I haven't the faintest idea who those people where, their passions, their motives to be there, their quests...
    We need more spaces/events like that one with people that are willing to share their thoughts to create links of interests that can become links of ideas that can overcome our smallness. We must make and be the infrastructure we need.
    We have sent some suggestion to APDSI to help improve the «get to know» people/interests and I'm looking forward for the next one :)
    BTW, your profile is not active and it does not give a chance to «connect» to a face :) Are you PFL?