Oct 21, 2009


"Queria convencer-me que tudo dura para sempre, mas tudo tem um fim. Na verdade, nada dura mais do que um instante a não ser aquilo que guardamos na nossa memória (...)" Sam Savage (2009), Firmin
ICT have changed how we keep our memories. How do those external memories change our life?


  1. I keep on wondering every time Alexander looks at the photos on camera or Flickr how this would impact what he will remember about his childhood...

  2. I guess we remember more vividly things from our childhood that were crystallized in photo albums or, as might be the case for newer generations, many other digital out-there memories. But I wonder if when they are our age (30s or 40s ;) they will have the album keepers (grannies and parents) and repeated access to those digital memories. I guess it's not so much about dumping digital memories but about continued visualizing of those memories together with the stories that the «album keepers» repeatedly reminds us about that moment, that event... I wonder