Apr 6, 2009


Entries before this date were imported from «information space transitions», a private space for messing around with my thoughts, (like the notebooks that have been accompanying me for the last 22 years) that only a few friends have access and my advisor:
"[T]he starting point of my phd research as it emerged during my master's research work. Like a notebook, [that] space is restricted so I can mess around with my thoughts without the fear of misleading passing by strangers (...)"
Some of posts from «blog da tese» were also imported under the tag «Blog da Tese import». Some of the posts were so «context dependent», that it did not make any sense to bring them to this space. It's a lot like moving from one house to another: you decide what you are going to move with you, and what you are letting go. But unlike moving from one house to another, I can always (not sure how long this «always» will be ;)  go there, and look for it.

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