Mar 30, 2009

«information behaviour» vs «information practices»

In Professor Tom Wilson's Blog (Information Research - ideas and debates), there's a discussion going on about «information behaviour» and «information practices», being the later a more incopassing terminology:
"Information behaviour and information practice are closely related. They incorporate common elements such as "action" but still they are not reducible to each other. Behaviour draws more strongly on the tradition of psychology (or social psychology) while the conceptualizations of practice draw more on sociology (Bourdieu, Giddens) and social philosophy (Schutz, Schatzki, Wittgenstein). From this perspective, information behaviour and information practice complement each other"
The conversation is based on a review by Tom Wilson, on the book of Savolainen, Reijo Everyday information practices: a social phenomenological perspective. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2008. Since I do not have access to the book, will keep for now the link to the review in Information Research Journal:

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