Aug 25, 2006

There could be...

... no better way to start my holidays. Just received the mail saying:

"We are pleased to inform that your fellowship application submited to FCT was evaluated positively."


today's 15 minutes on research grant

My head can not concentrate. Heart is jumping faster than usual since i saw at FCT that they are sending the results by email for each and everyone that applied for research grants (master, phd & pós-doc).

Having the phd grant means that i can pay the University tuition fees that otherwise will be difficult (althought i'm not giving up - can't believe that my fingers wrote this...)

I don't know how many times i've looked today for the email box... but the one message i'm really eager to receive does not arrive. The funny part is that before knowing that they where going to send this information, i almost forgot that i was waiting for that repply.

So my 15 minutes a day today, will be way off topic. Or perhaps not. Life does not stop when one does research. The sooner we aknowledge this the better. I've heard of people that are waiting for «the right moment» to start the research. There is never the right moment as in «ideal moment». Research is an ongoing process that lasts the needed time to finish. Yes, this is to vague but it's the true. For some it will last less and for others might take a life time, and for others it might take the «average time». Just one thing that we might all agree: phd research will last till it's finished :-)

So today, my 15 minutes might not be connected with my research topic, but they sure are connected to the rest of my phd research: the grant results that will support the tuitions for the comming 3 years :-)

Aug 24, 2006


"ScienceBlogs is very much an experiment in science communication, and being first also means being first to encounter unforeseen obstacles. We are learning as we go (and as goes the blogosphere) and appreciate your understanding and patience.

ScienceBlogs was created by Seed Media Group. Our mission is to change the way the world sees science -- from a separate island on the periphery of culture to the central driver of our times."

Aug 23, 2006

extending information spaces

Today my information space took me to Umea, Sweden, where Lilia was making a presentation on her research (weblogs at Microsoft). Following short message (GoogleTalk), into her digital space for more details (weblog), and to the presentation venue: HumLab.

There i had a link for the video stream, and a contact for Skype. Guess because i'm inside my organizational firewall i could not use the streaming video so i went for the skype contact and met Stephanie that guided me during the rest of the connection. Although i had Lilia's slides (she «left them» at her blog) one get's the feeling of being blind (i.e. not knowing when to change to another slide, when she is prssing a link that takes the audience to another space).

More then the presentation by itself, today i made some more progress on my own work, because of this experience. Wanting very much to establish connections due to topic research, makes one go around try all the possible ways of «being there». Having people anticipating the interest of others, helps create «around ways» for enlarging attendees presence and engagement (even farway ones).

Studying information spaces requires an holistic view of:
  • individuals (their motivations, their skills, their networks, their interests... their own information spaces)
  • infrastructures (acess, barriers... infrastructures that support information spaces)
  • organization (culture, norms and rules «to get work done»... provided organizational information spaces)
So much more that i have to work out... just because i was here and went there. Yes! Research is fun :-)