Feb 18, 2006

Weekend food

"We can talk all we want about tools and protocols, mandates and rewards. But what we are really asking ourselves to do is start to behave like a network brain, a hive mind. Not a bunch of individuals who are required to dump their knowledge into the pot."

"We are drawing on social networking sites, blogs, RSS aggregators, bookmarklets, toolbars, extensions, plug-ins. Some people may be developing elaborate digital identities, a personal 'bricolage' of network services. Others are less actively constructive (...)"

Feb 10, 2006

A Pattern Language for Doctoral Students

Joseph Bergin, in A Pattern Language for Doctoral Students, among many other things, states that:

"Research is only useful if it is published."

This makes me blush considering that i've still haven't published a paper about my work... and it's been 10 months since i defended my master :-(