Aug 25, 2006

today's 15 minutes on research grant

My head can not concentrate. Heart is jumping faster than usual since i saw at FCT that they are sending the results by email for each and everyone that applied for research grants (master, phd & pós-doc).

Having the phd grant means that i can pay the University tuition fees that otherwise will be difficult (althought i'm not giving up - can't believe that my fingers wrote this...)

I don't know how many times i've looked today for the email box... but the one message i'm really eager to receive does not arrive. The funny part is that before knowing that they where going to send this information, i almost forgot that i was waiting for that repply.

So my 15 minutes a day today, will be way off topic. Or perhaps not. Life does not stop when one does research. The sooner we aknowledge this the better. I've heard of people that are waiting for «the right moment» to start the research. There is never the right moment as in «ideal moment». Research is an ongoing process that lasts the needed time to finish. Yes, this is to vague but it's the true. For some it will last less and for others might take a life time, and for others it might take the «average time». Just one thing that we might all agree: phd research will last till it's finished :-)

So today, my 15 minutes might not be connected with my research topic, but they sure are connected to the rest of my phd research: the grant results that will support the tuitions for the comming 3 years :-)

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  1. The research fellowship was granted :-)