Sep 21, 2005

user needs on building presence

I’ve been testing the use of Blogger for Word. The download of the plug-in was smooth (as we are use to with all of google’s goodies). After installing it, I’ve opened the Word application and there it was: a new set of functions on top of my screen (blogger setting, open [previous] post, save as draft, and publish).

So, at this moment, and for the first time as a user of Blogger, I can write a post without being connected (on-line)… of course I did it before but not with the ease that I can have now. With it, a lot of steps that users from other blogging applications did not felt, are cut short and add to the experience of sharing and building presence.

Hope the guys from Google can work also on the (absent) tags for blogger users, cause it’s difficult to find my own post, let alone people who came here visiting… ;-)

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