Jul 14, 2005

Information needs preceds information systems

The focus of my research as been information needs. But more then the information needs of organizations as an abstract entity to which the individuals belong, i've felt for a long time that the center for the study of information needs should be the individual a concrete entity with organizational information needs, personal information needs and context information needs.

"The process model depicts information management as a continuous cycle of six closely related activities: identification of information needs; information acquisition; information organization and storage; development of information products and services; information distribution; and information use.(...) In the identification of information needs, organization members recognize the volatility of the environment, and seek information about its salient features in order to be able to make sense of the situation, and to have the necessary information to take decisions and solve problems. Information needs are defined by subject-matter requirements as well as situation-determined contingencies - some classes of problems are best handled with the help of certain types of information. Information acquisition is driven by information needs, and must adequately address these needs." [Choo, 1998, Information Management for the Intelligent Organization: The Art of Scanning the Environment, Chapter 2.]

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