Jan 9, 2004

European Labour Mobility

"[15-Feb-2002] One of the key principles of the European Union is the creation of 'an area without internal frontiers in which free movement of goods, persons, services and capital is ensured'. EU leaders have stressed the importance they attach to realising this goal. In practice, the EU's progress has been mixed, and the relatively low level of international labour mobility within the EU is significant for business, individuals and policy makers. Against this background, PricewaterhouseCoopers has undertaken an in-depth study of European labour mobility entitled Managing mobility matters - A European perspective."

Eight key types of mobile worker from the business perspective:

- ‘Traditional’ expatriate: employee moves to live and work in a foreign location, traditionally long-term (3-5yrs) but increasingly short-term (up to 1yr)
- ‘Permanent’ transfer employee takes up a permanent contract of employment on local terms and conditions
- International hire recruited to work on local terms and conditions from another country
- Local hire foreign-born individuals already working outside their ‘home country’ who are
recruited locally
- Cross-border commuter commutes to work in another country while place of residence remains unchanged
- Rotational assignee commutes from home country for a few months without changing home
- Virtual assignee assumes responsibility spanning several countries without relocating (supported by
local teams, business travel and ICT)
- Teleworking works from any location supported by ICT

As cinco barreiras encontradas neste trabalho quanto à mobilidade, segundo a empresa:

1 Lack of integrated employment legislation
2 Differing tax systems
3 Need to provide spouse employment
4 Language skills
5 Differing benefit systems

As cinco barreiras encontradas neste trabalho quanto à mobilidade, segundo os indivíduos:

1 Family e.g. child education
2 Language skills
3 Information on employment opportunities
4 Recognition of qualifications
5 Spouse employment

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